3D Laser Measurement

BlackPond Marine Consultants own and operate a sophisticated 3D laser measurement device called a Leica 3D Disto. It is a robotic scanner than measures 3D points on the surface of an object inside or outside. Practically, it is an electronic distance sensor mounted on a motorized pan/tilt gimbal with pitch and yaw tracking. Software on a PC then computes the easting, northing and height of each sample and exports this in a number of formats including CAD files direct for CNC.

The operator can measure single points or perform 2D planar scans or 3D surface scans. This service fills a niche between the full manual process of a total station and a fully automatic 3D scanner. Our device is a semi-automatic process where only the relevant information is recorded in a highly ordered fashion.

3D Measurement for Accuracy

3D Laser Measurement Technology at BlackPond Marine Consultants

The measurement range is 1 to 45 metres with an accuracy of less than 1mm per 10 metres. The unit can be relocated and its position resected to allow measurement of larger objects and times where areas of the object are obscured. A common example is measuring inside a vessel where bulkheads prevent sampling from a single location.

The device can also be operated on board a vessel while afloat.


Typical measurement applications are:

  • Measuring decks and bulkheads for CNC panels
  • Lifting hull lines for hydrostatics
  • As built structure and general arrangement drawings
  • Engine room measurements for repowers
  • Gross space measurements for prefabricated interiors
  • 3D surface scan of a mould for replication or modification
  • 3D surface scan of the port side of a vessel if the starboard side is damaged.
  • Survey of damage

A projector function also allows a reverse process where reference or cut lines can be projected on structures. Waterlines and centrelines can be indicated on the interior or exterior of a vessel.

Ultimately if the job is too hard, too time consuming or too inaccurate to measure or template manually, this device and service is the solution.